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StandUp PaddleBoard

Technique for getting on your board

  • Start off in knee-deep water and free of any obstacles.
  • Find the center of the board — it’s easy to find because this is where the handle is located on most boards. Climb onto the center in a kneeling position. Line your knees up with the front of the handle, keeping them about shoulder width apart.
  • For many beginners, this position is a comfortable spot to practice taking a few paddle strokes before standing up. This is also a good position to get into if you need a break from standing or you are facing unfavorable conditions.
  • When you are ready to stand up, go on all fours and place the paddle under your palms while tenting your fingers. Once you’re ready, you’ll stand up on the board one foot at a time. Place your feet where your knees were and try to keep your heels flat as you come up from a squatting position.
  • Slowly slide your hands into position on the paddle, and take the first stroke right away — this is important to build momentum.
  • Increased flexibility.
  • Stronger core muscles.
  • Better breathing techniques.
  • Improved balance.
  • More stamina.
  • Greater mental focus.
  • Restored and revitalized energy.

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