Surf Lessons    Nichols Surf Lessons Agreement • Print and Fill Out to save time

Nichols Surf Shop has been providing surf lessons to people of all ages and abilities since the 1980s and has developed a unique teaching routine that takes just two hours, with one hour on land and one in the surf.

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In the meantime call (386)690-8420 for any of your bike, surf-board, kayak … needs

The 2-Hour class consists of:

Land Sea
Safety Checking our surroundings (conditions)
Technique Techniques of paddling out
Standing Up Working with water and board techniques
Wave and Water Knowledge Timing of catching waves
Design and Shape of Surfboards Avoiding a nosedive
How to reach the goals you are trying to achieve product overview Standing Up
Having Fun! Water Safety
Impact Zone
Coming in on a good wave

 The use of a board and wetsuit (if needed) is included in the cost of the lesson. If you have your own board, bring it and we can help you get the most out of it.

Classes are limited to no more than 4 people per instructor. This makes it a more focused learning experience for everybody. We’ve found that confusion and chaos tends to erupt when there is more than four in a class. Group classes are available with reservations and we provide additional instructors if necessary.

Contact us for reservations and availability at (386) 427-5050 or book online(min. 24 hr. notice and subject to instructor availability).

To get the most out of your surfing experience, we suggest booking your surf class at the beginning of your vacation so that you can enjoy surfing throughout your stay.

Each Legendary 2-hour class is $129.00 per student. Every student receives a certificate upon completion of the class, plus a gift bag that includes a Nichols T-Shirt or Hat, bar of wax and a Nichols sticker.

Prices are subject to change. All students under the age of 18 must have their parent or legal guardian sign the legal waiver required for all students.